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Pneumatic Monitoring

Monitoring your pneumatic equipment has never been easier with Air Mac. We allow you to remotely connect, monitor and control your equipment from anywhere with real time feedback and dynamic warnings. That way, you can prevent issues before they become bigger problems.

Every remote monitoring device includes a high-gain cellular modem, data plan and on board GPS. Making your connections stronger and effortless, plus gain access to Air Mac's supervisory system with accurate over-the-air updates and automatic locating with a dynamic IP address.

Our compact devices all you to remotely set outputs to specific values, keep track of your equipment's performance and activate multi-step scenarios from anywhere. 

To learn more about how Air Mac can help your operation, contact us today.

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Remote Maintenance

As a company with pneumatics, standard maintenance won't cut it. You need remote maintenance that can identify issues before they even develop and guarantee reliable operability and longevity. 

At Air Mac, our professional team is highly specialized in compressor services and helps you avoid costly downtime and repairs, lower your energy costs and boost the life of your machines. 

We guarantee exemplary customer service and 24/7, 365 day availability. Contact us to get started today.