Aerospace Industry


Air Mac provides blower packages and blowers for vacuuming “de-icing solvents” off tarmacs and various pneumatic solutions for the aerospace industry.

Environmental Industry


Premium compressors and vacuum blowers deliver uncompromising performance and reliability with the right balance of air quality and cost of operation for soil remediation.

Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

Air Mac expertise provides the required compressed air purification equipment which is so essential in the food and beverage industry where air purity is necessary for the integrity of products and processes.

Manufacturing Industry


Air Mac pneumatic solutions and technologies provide fast, reliable method to convey and separate pellets, textiles, paper, shavings, sawdust, bulk products, and other small parts.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

Air Mac premium blowers and vacuum pumps provide compressed air that safely agitates biomass in sludge and clarifying tanks, increasing yield of biogas – then recovered as a renewable energy resource.

Pharmaceutical Industry


Flow control solutions deliver the safe, leak-free operation necessary to prepare bulk pharmaceuticals for handling, further processing or to be sold in stores.

Power Generation

Power Generation

The production of solar panels involves laminating and baking several layers under vacuum, which boosts the panels’ light-absorbing efficiency.

Wasterwater Industry

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors compress gasses for a wealth of wastewater treatment applications, maximizing throughput and operating efficiencies.

Wood & Plastics Industry

Wood & Plastics

At Air Mac, we have industry specific compressed air products that are ideal for processing wood and handling and forming plastics to ensure product quality and production speed.