Air Mac products deliver uncompromising performance and reliability with the right balance of air quality and cost of operation.


Air Mac premium blowers and vacuum pumps provide compressed air that safely agitates biomass in sludge and clarifying tanks, increasing yield of biogas – then recovered as a renewable energy resource.

Applications Include

  • Digester gas mining
  • Compression and storage
  • Vacuum priming
  • Biogas recovery
  • Biogas booster
  • Biogas to CNG
  • Biogas to liquid

Landfill Gas Extraction

Air Mac specially engineered centrifugal blower systems extract gasses from landfill sites, reducing toxic emissions and repurposing the gas for use as heat, electricity or liquefied gas.

Extraction (Offshore)

Air Mac specially engineered liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors provide flow control solutions for seawater deaeration and flare gas compression to make oil platforms more reliable by safely handling toxic flare gases and de-aerating injections water, thus, helping to prevent costly corrosion.


Air Mac high-quality engineered loading and storage systems help keep terminals and storage secure, improve worker safety and safeguard valuable oil and gas resources.

Air Mac premium products and engineered systems for crude oil stabilization include:

  • Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Top loading arms
  • Bottom loading arms
  • Marine loading arms
  • Specialty loading arms
  • API couplers
  • Dry-break couplers


Air Mac high quality liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors provide cool-running liquid ring technologies for refineries to safely handle dirty gases and unpredictable streams that change with process variables.

Applications Include

  • Vacuum crude distillation
  • Delayed coker
  • Solvent dewaxing
  • Hydrotreater
  • Flare gas compression
  • Sulfer recovery
  • Submerged combustion vapors
  • Carbon black manufacturing
  • Vinyl chloride monomer recovery
  • Hydrogen compression
  • Solvent recovery
  • Polymerization reactor

Methane Booster

The Air Mac MB (Methane Booster) package is specifically designed to boost well head gas flow with its rotary lobe blowers which are ideally suited for “unconventional gas” applications such as enhancing the rate of desorption in shale, coal bed methane wells or landfill gas extraction.