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Paxton Air Knives for blow off, drying and air rinsing!  A pioneer in the development of air-knives and widely regarded as an expert in air flow systems and solutions, Paxton has refined today’s air-knife designs for “precision-drying,” coating control, removal of dust and other unwanted materials, as well as air curtains and other drying applications. Paxton Products’ technical application engineers have decades of experience and can design a solution for your application needs.  For air knife applications in  North Texas & Oklahoma, do not hesitate to call!

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Food Processing and Packaging

Paxton Food Processing Packaging

Whether cleaning, drying, coating or conveying, food processors and packagers rely on Paxton Air Systems to improve their production.


  • Replaces compressed air systems with 1/5 of the energy usage
  • Reduced heat compared to other blower types
  • Better water removal for accurate weighing
  • More even coating of cheeses, bakery products, etc.
  • Improved sanitation of crates, trays, pans and conveyors
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Bottling and Canning

Paxton Bottling and Canning

Paxton has served the canning and bottling industry for more than half a century.  They understand the importance of drying technology that can enhance speed and productivity for bottling and canning facilities as well as ensure the highest quality. All Paxton systems (such as bottle rinser machines) are custom engineered to meet the specific needs of the package type, the line configuration, and the quality standards.


  • Increase line speeds.
  • Reduce customer returns.
  • Improve quality of ink jet coding.
  • Prevent corrosion & bacterial growth under bottle and can lids.
  • Ensure adhesion of heat shrinkable and pressure sensitive labels.
  • Reduce energy usage by as much as 80%.
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Drying, Cleaning and Other Applications

  • Drying after washing — drying is critical before coding, marking, painting or coating.  Paxton Air Systems can provide spot drying, or all-over drying, using a custom-engineered air delivery system
  • Blowing Off  — removal of debris, metal or wood shavings, dust or powder cleaning agents, oils or sealants
  • Drying after painting, coating, shrink labeling
  • Pneumatic conveying and sorting of plastic parts, plastic caps, small metal parts, or other components
  • Static elimination and cleaning of the interior or exterior of cans and bottles; metal sheets; parts or materials before powder coating or painting
  • Conveyor cleaning and drying
  • Vacuum hold down of fabrics, wood products, metal sheets