Wastewater Treatment

Blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors compress gasses for a wealth of wastewater treatment applications, maximizing throughput and operating efficiencies.

The blower supplies air, feeding oxygen to the bacteria which must degrade the organic matter. The blower must overcome the resistance of the water height and diffuser/piping losses. As the effluent dissolved oxygen level changes, it is necessary to inject oxygen at varying rates to optimize the oxygen needs of the bacteria. You must have the ability to vary the flow while keeping a constant pressure.

Water Treatment

The filtration process for drinking water uses airflow to air-scour filter beds, clean membranes or supply air to ozone producers. Blowers are also used for aeration (fine or coarse bubble) in fish farming, ponds and commercial aquariums.


Blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors


Vacuum filtration, backwashing sand filtration, desalination, slurry pumping, suction vehicles, wastewater disposal, wastewater purification, oxygenation of activated sludge tanks, aeration, digester gas boosting, grit chamber aeration, membrane bioreactors, sequencing batch reactors, sludge incineration, digester gas compression, vacuum priming, flotation cells.