Blower Packages

Premium, quality blower packages through innovative design and superior construction.

Air Mac offers custom fabricated blower packages with flows to 27,000 CFM, vacuum to 28 in-Hg, and pressure to 40 PSIG.

Multiple impeller styles and profiles are available to choose from in the Gardner Denver, rotary lobe product offering:

  • Straight, Two – lobe: Duroflow Series and Sutorbilt Series
  • Straight, Tri – lobe: RBS Series and GD-DV Series
  • Helical, Tri – lobe: Heliflow Series
  • Helical screw: Cycloblower Series and Cycloblower H.E. Series

Our packaging team was founded on the principle of offering superior blower packages with better performance. A history of innovation, improvement, and quality continue to set standards for the industry. The packaging team has supplied blower packages for over 30 years on an international scope, with installations in the Middle East, Central & South Americas, Indonesia, and the United States.


Blower selection is made using computer modeling software, carefully considering bearing life, % of maximum pressure, blower speed, temperature rise across the blower, and noise level. All inlet and discharge losses are factored into package performance calculations; CFM is stated at the discharge flange. Motor nameplate HP is not exceeded, even at relief valve settings. Drives are designed for maximum life and minimum bearing load, with a service factor of 1.4 for belt driven units and 2.0 for direct driven units.


State of the art design software allows for solid modeling of the blower package assembly for improved form, fit, and function. Component models can be created, as well as parts manuals. Solid modeling and constraint software allows thorough evaluation prior to construction and testing. Each individual component is carefully selected for compatibility, in terms of flow, pressure, and temperature capabilities.

Manufacturing and Testing

Critical steps in the manufacturing process such as cutting, welding, piping, assembly, wiring, and painting are performed by fabricator-welders, mechanics, and technicians experienced in their craft with a proven track record of success in producing quality equipment. The manufacturing and testing facility is in a 16,000 square feet facility, on 1 acre with overhead cranes. Every package is fully tested at operating and relief valve pressure. A test data sheet records amperage at multiple conditions, voltage, temperatures, and blower RPMs, as well as component nameplate data. The 600 AMP test facility handles up to 350HP motors. In addition, the cell has a variable frequency drive (VFD) for up to 100HP for 50 Hz testing and power measurement.