Pre-Engineered Packages

Our packaging team was founded on the principle of offering superior blower packages with better performance. A history of innovation, improvement, and quality continue to set standards for the industry. The packaging team has supplied blower packages for over 30 years on an international scope, with installations in the Middle East, Central & South Americas, Indonesia, and the United States. Air Mac is chosen around the world as the premier blower package in pneumatic conveying, water/waste water industrial/chemical, OEM/government, environmental, and many other industries where reliability and performance are essential.

Pre-designed packages range from bare bones “Base Mounted” to “Quiet Enclosed” for maximum noise attenuation. By standardizing our designs, we can streamline the whole manufacturing process, providing an excellent value with faster delivery.

Our products incorporate innovative design concepts with added features to improve reliability, extend useful life, and make routine service easier. Attention to detail and an exceptional level of construction quality are evident throughout our products.

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Pre-Engineered Vapor Recovery Solutions

Unimac Pre-Engineered Vapor Recovery Solutions packages deliver flexible and scalable solutions with excellent performance for a wide variety of site conditions. Our VRU design is drawn from in-house expertise that spans a wide range of industries, as well as collaborative resources.

Pre-Engineered Products