The TT series is a family of PD blower packages from 15 HP to 200 HP with vacuum levels to 16 in Hg. A number of options are available to “customize” the package for your application.

The classic “Table Top” design features a heavy duty structural steel frame which provides a ridgid mounting platform for the blower, motor and drive. Silencer mounting minimizes contact points with the frame reducing mechanical transmission of the silencer shell noise resulting in a lower overall noise level.

An “L” style inlet filter with a heavy duty shell is capable of handling vacuum levels to 1×10-3 mmHg (1.3×10-3 mbar). A dry type replaceable element removes 99% of particles 2 micron and larger with a large dirt handling capability. An easily removable lid is fastened using heavy duty T bolts.

A chambered reactive/absorptive discharge silencer reduces the noise and pulsation energy generated by the blower. The all welded steel silencer is positioned as close to the blower connection as possible to maximize the effectiveness.

The vacuum relief valve is rated for the full capacity of the blower. With a diaphragm assist spring loaded design the valve maintains repeatable set vacuum levels after numerous cycles and remains tight till it reaches “cracking” point. Most importantly the valve consistently re-sets below set vacuum and does not flutter.