Pneumatic Conveying

Pressure Conveying

Pressure conveying is used when you have multiple delivery points and there is virtually no limit to the capacity and distance you can convey with pressure systems. In terms of house keeping pressure systems have the potential to be dirty in that leakage is outward.

Common products conveyed by pressure include cement, ground limestone, silica flour, iron oxide, cotton seed, flour, fine chemicals, and grain.

Vacuum Conveying

A major advantage of vacuum systems is its feeding ease. Vacuum conveying is used when you have multiple pick up points however you are limited in capacity and distance due to an 18” Hg maximum practical vacuum level. They are potentially cleaner than pressure since leakage is inward. There is an increased potential to damage the blower due to material contamination when compared to pressure conveying.

Common products conveyed by vacuum include plastic pellets, plastic resin, breakfast cereal, granulated sugar, salt, coffee beans, pinto beans, flour, and grain.