Remediation & Landfill Gas

Soil Remediation

The most common soil contaminants are petroleum based. Air Sparging and vapor extraction is a major part of on-site contaminent removal in soil and ground water.

After a site survey and soil analysis a series of wells are strategicly placed throughout the contaminated area. Pressure or a combination of pressure and vacuum blowers are used to draw air through the contaminated area to evaporate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are carried into the air-stream for recovery or immediate disposal.

Landfill Gas

Municipal solid waste contains significant portions of organic materials that produce a variety of gaseous products when covered in landfills. Anaerobic bacteria thrives in the oxygen-free environment, resulting in the decomposition of the organic materials and the production of primarily carbon dioxide and methane. Carbon dioxide is likely to leach out of the landfill because it is soluble in water.

Methane, on the other hand, which is less soluble in water and lighter than air, is likely to migrate out of the landfill. Strategicly placed wells and piping distributed throughout the landfill allow the methane to be gathered by a blower and combusted for energy.