Quiet Enclosed

Clam Shell

fiberglass-open1The CS (Clam Shell) fiberglass enclosed rotary lobe blower packages range from 2 to 10 HP with pressures to 13 PSI. The hinged “flip top” locks into place to stay open making access to the motor, blower and belt drive fast and easy. The weather proof design means it can be installed outdoors.

The sound attenuating “yacht quality” fiberglass enclosure is constructed of 1/8” thick thixotropic polyester resign reinforced with fiberglass strand. The exterior is finished with UV inhibited isopthalic polyester gel coat, buffed to a smooth finish.

Forced air ventilation provides proper air flow for cooling the enclosure. A fan mounted to the main motor shaft draws air through a louvered inlet opening and exhausts through an identical opening on the opposite side. No external power source is required.

A steel frame constructed of heavy channel provides a rigid base for the blower package and enclosure. The blower package is mounted to the frame with rubber isolators virtually eliminating transmitted noise.

Q Series

q7028_200The “Q Series” is a family of PD blower packages from 15 to 200 HP with pressures to 15 PSI. The weather proof design means it can be installed outdoors.

Powder coated 16 gauge sheet metal panels are mounted to a structural steel frame that encapsulates and protects the entire blower package. Panels are lined with 1.5” or 2” thick acoustic material that absorbs and dissipates noise energy. Panel edges are trimmed with a neoprene bulb gasket that tightly seals against the steel support frame virtually eliminating “noise leaks”

Quarter turn compression latches are used on access panels which allows quick easy service of the routine service items. These panels are either “lift off” or hinged based on their weight. Other panel mounting methods are used depending on the panel location as well.

A forced air cooling fan is sized to provide ample cooling of the enclosure so the interior temperature of the enclosure stays within a maximum 15 degrees of the outside temperature at design conditions. Ventilation ducts eliminate line of site openings to dramatically reduce emanated noise

The panel mounted instrument group includes outlet pressure, discharge temperature, and inlet filter gauges.