Overhaul & Rebuild

Rotary screw air end. positive displacement blowers, multistage centrifugal blowers/exhausters, and rotary air locks are representative of equipment Air Mac is experienced in overhauling and rebuilding. Qualified, factory trained technicians with years of experience have a proven track record of success

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Multistage Centrifugal Blower Overhauls:

Multistage-centrifugal-blower-cutawayAir Mac has been overhauling multistage centrifugal blowers for over 15 years. Whether you have a Gardner Denver Lamson or Hoffman, HSI/Atlas Copco, Continental, Spencer, Hibon or other MSC product, let us help you save money on costly replacement blowers with an Air Mac overhaul!

Air Mac’s technicians visually inspect the major components (housings, shafts, impellers, seals, bearings, and bearing housings) looking for the cause of failure, unusual wear patterns and identifying problems with an experienced eye. Critical dimensions such as shaft diameters, bearing fits, seal fits, etc. are checked and recorded.Multistage-centrifugal-blowerS

In many cases a “standard overhaul” quote is issued prior to receiving the blower. If, after inspection, additional machine work, parts, or repair are needed, customer approval is obtained before proceeding.

Once the overhaul is approved all major components are cleaned removing foreign material. Cast iron and steel components are cleaned in a heated caustic vat to white metal. Nicks and burrs are removed with all appropriate surfaces polished by hand using pneumatic tools. Critical fit surfaces are lightly wet polished then protected. A final cleaning in the solvent tank is done prior to assembly.

Multistage-centrifugal-impellersAfter assembly, the blower is test run, prepped and painted. All of our multistage centrifugal blower overhauls come with a 6 month warranty. Once the blower is installed, Air Mac has the capability to laser align the coupling to ensure proper operation and prolong the life of the blower. Often times, this detail is left unchecked and has a detrimental effect on the blower.

Multistage Centrifugal Blower PM Service & Laser Alignment:

Air Mac also provides preventive maintenance & laser alignment services to existing blowers in operation. Inlet air filters are replaced, lubricant is changed, bearings are re-greased, and coupling is laser aligned. Also check motor amperage, temperature rise and excess vibration/noise on the blower. Call us today to schedule this service!


Brands Serviced

  • Sullivan Palatek
  • Dresser Roots
  • Atlas Copco
  • Lamson
  • Sullair
  • Hibon
  • Pneumatech
  • Gardner Denver
  • Champion
  • Kaeser
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • HSI
  • Hankison
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • MD Tuthill
  • Quincy
  • Hoffman
  • Leroi Compair
  • Spencer
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