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The Sutorbilt family of positive displacement blower and vacuum pumps are synonymous with quality and reliability. These blowers exist today in thousands of applications, and are capable of handling continuous loads reliably in the most strenuous conditions. The Sutorbilt 4500 series is part of this proven product.

The Sutorbilt 8000series features an enhanced rotor profile which will provide less internal slip and reduce temperature rise. This design feature allows for improved efficiency at higher pressure and vacuum levels.
Sutorbilt Blowers offer several options such as water injection, pressure lubrication systems, and closed end impellers to meet your needs.

The Sutorbilt Legend line of rotary positive displacement lobe blowers and vacuum pumps are the result of more than 75 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of superior industrial blower equipment. This line continues to be at the heart of an ever-expanding variety of air solutions working every minute of every day around the globe.

For over 50 years the DuroFlow Industrial Series positive displacement blowers & vacuum pumps have combined on-the-job results, through durability, reliability and efficiency.

– Advanced heavy-duty design
– Proven performance and reliability
– Dual Splash Lubrication (DSL) for continuous operation

Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards Backed by local network of sales and service professionals Flex-Mount design, vertical or horizontal mounting Oil-free air delivery Ideal for a wide range of applications

The HeliFlow Industrial Series integrates proven experience with blower design and manufacturing to create an innovative low noise solution for positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications.

Innovative and revolutionary blower design from the leader in PD blower & vacuum pump technology

Recognized for 150 years of design engineering and manufacturing technology Integrating a proven platform with a unique and innovative rotor design Quiet operation Solid helical tri-lobe rotors Engineered for lower pulsations and lower noise Higher reliability The HeliFlow smooth pulse operation extends the life of bearings and downstream instrumentation Large diameter shafts provide superior overhung load capacity Dual Splash Lubrication provides longer life and reduced service intervals

For over 50 years the CycloBlower Industrial Series has offered significant design advantages with proven results through efficiency, quality & dependability.

– The most energy efficient PD Blower

Higher pressure & vacuum performance capabilities Proven performance & dependable quality Reduced pulsation & noise levels Oil-free air/gas delivery Efficient, shock-free compression Long service life Engineered for greater performance in continuous duty applications

IQ Blower Package
What is IQ? A 7.5-100 horsepower, factory direct blower package from the trusted solutions provider to the PD Blower and Vacuum Pump marketplace. With 150 years of proven results, Gardner Denver has earned and will continue to earn the confidence of our customers. The IQ blower package is a blend of proven results and innovation for the future. The IQ blower package will provide inteligent design, quiet operation, innovative features and Gardner Denver quality.

Intelligent digital monitoring standard with the AirSmart controller Quiet sound levels as low as 60 dBA Innovative removable discharge silencer provides package integrity and end-user flexibility Quality and dependable Gardner Denver PD Blower in every IQ package.